Our Services

TechConcepts provides the first rank innovation support in the field of battery materials, recycling, sustainable mobility, and broader energy and environment topics. Within our areas of expertise we offer:

Concept development and proposal writing

We bring ideas together and create strong innovative concepts for developing winning project proposals.

Dissemination and Exploitation management

We create impact for innovative concepts with a clear and executable strategy for Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation

Innovation management and training

We develop strategies and roadmaps for your ideas, concepts and organization. And support you in creating impact and concepts yourselve.

Concept development and proposal writing

“Together, we turn your innovative idea into a winning concept”

The core strength of TechConcepts is to create strong innovative concepts. We leverage vast experience to liaise with multiple partners, bring their ideas together, and destill a convincing storyline. Sound innovative concepts are used as robust building blocks to build winning project proposals – at both, the national and European level.

We offer a full service package for the proposal development, enabling the coordinator and the consortium to operate on a cruise control mode. TechConcepts will lead and guide the development of the proposal, complete all the EU portal/ancillary information and finally, submit the proposal on time.

We are committed to building valuable, long-lasting and strategic partnerships. From this perspective, we assist with consortium development. We also lead consortium discussions to facilitate common understanding about the core project basis. Based on such multi-actor analysis and common understanding, the project concept is distilled and developed. With the support of the consortium partners and based on the project concept that forms the narrative, TechConcepts writes an impactful and winning proposal.

Are you curious for our way of working, and open for creating synergies with other parties? Or would you like information on how we can help you to create a winning proposal for your innovative idea? Feel free to contact us.

Dissemination and Exploitation management

A succesfull project has impact. We help to create spin-off and bring your innovation to the market

Creating impact is an important part of research and innovation projects. Certainly in European research and innovation projects, evaluators value a clearly developed strategy to achieve the expected impact. A successful project, requires not only a sound concept but also a clear impact strategy

A clear dissemination, communication and exploitation strategy leads to maximization of project impact. For example, when the European research and innovation projects are funded, TechConcepts participates in the project to coordinate the impact maximization efforts. We employ new techniques for dissemination and communication to bring awareness to stakeholders and the broader public.

We have a two-prong strategy. On one hand we focus on customized communication activities to make the in-crowd of involved industry and policy makers aware of the project, and to actively connect them to the project as a “stakeholder network”. While on the other hand, we offer a set of tools for high-volume dissemination geared towards bringing awareness to the broader public.

Our services to create impact are always aimed at reducing the barriers in bringing project innovations to the market.

Are you curious for our way of working, and helping your project connect with the right stakeholders? Or would you like information on how we can help you to create broader awareness for your project or innovation? Feel free to contact us.

Provide training for proposal writing and project management

Like with art, our services are not meant to be shared with a limited public. Therefore we offer trainings for mastering proposal writing, concept development, project management and impact realization.

Innovation management is a complex process. On one hand you need a good idea/product, while on the other hand you need to position it correctly within the market. There are numerous questions that need to be addressed:

  • Is my product good enough?
  • Who is the audience?
  • How and when the audience would use the product?
  • How and when to position the product within the market?
  • Is it incremental or disruptive innovation?

We help you to understand all the nuances and develop a long-term innovation strategy. We have many years of experience in developing long term innovation programs. And we love to work together with you to identify the main challenges and opportunities of the current innovation trends in your sector.

Such innovation management services are customized solutions we offer. These customized solutions may include market analysis on one hand, to the training and coaching on the other. We are committed to building a self-starting innovation capacity within your organization.

Are you curious to know how we can help you to bring your innovations to the market successfully? Or would you like us to train and coach your personnel to develop innovation capacity within your organization? Feel free to contact us.

Our Areas of Expertise

Battery materials and technologies

Recyling of valuable materials

Sustainable mobility and automotive technologies

Energy and Environment