RELiEF 1st GA meeting in Lisbon

WORK – FUN – SLEEP – REPEAT This is an impression video of our 1st General Assembly meeting of project RELiEF in Lisbon. We can look back to a great […]

EXTENDED kick-off meeting in Brussels

Our project EXTENDED has kicked-off in Brussels about a week ago. We can look back to a great meeting, where presented the Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication work package as leader. […]

PULSELiON 2nd General Assembly meeting

We are looking back on a great meeting for project PULSELiON in Ii in Finland on 19 and 20 April. TechConcepts hosted the fun teambuilding session and we have shot […]

ADVAGEN 1st General Assembly meeting

TechConcepts B.V. participated in the project HE ADVAGEN general assembly meeting last week. We can look back to a great meeting, where we hosted the teambuilding activities. And we organised […]

PRESS RELEASE: project PULSELiON kicks off

Next generation battery manufacturing: PULSELiON – PUlsed Laser depoSition tEchnology for soLid State battery manufacturIng supported by digitalizatiON A consortium of 15 interdisciplinary European partners will develop manufacturing technology for […]