TechConcepts leads an interactive session in the SOLID4B cluster meeting

During The 2nd Hybrid Workshop by SOLID4B Cluster – Scaling Up High Energy Density Solid-State Batteries: A Lab-to-Pilot Line Perspective, which was held on Monday April 15th, 2024 in Ninove, Belgium – TechConcepts B.V. led an interactive session for mapping the European Battery sector landscape. TechConcepts used this opportunity to sketch how different stakeholders within the EU, view the Green Deal Industrial Plan, Net Zero Industrial Act, Critical Raw Materials Act and the European Battery Regulation 2023 and which incentives are key to bringing innovations to achieving the objectives of the Green Deal Industrial Plan.

As part of the ADVAGEN project, TechConcepts B.V. is dedicated to maximising the project’s impact. Its efforts centre on formulating a strategy to bring ADVAGEN innovations from the lab to the market, as well as devising an exploitation plan for ADVAGEN’s key exploitable results. ADVAGEN is part of the SOLID4B cluster. SOLID4B cluster works to enhance research synergies among the European-level projects working on solid state batteries, translating research data into valuable knowledge for diverse stakeholders. This cluster was built to synchronize and conjointly promote the R&D topics in the electric vehicle field.


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