YES! TechConcepts is founded

It is 3 September 2021, and TechConcepts B.V. is a fact. Anish and Willar are delighted to announce to join forces in TechConcepts. And we are ready to take up our first challenges! Already we are involved in multiple (!) Horizon Europe proposals, which will be submitted in October 2021. We will disclose more information once we know which ones will be granted.

We really look forward to our collaboration, and to continuing the collaboration with our network. We will specialize ourselves in a few things.

  1. grant proposal development.
  2. dissemination and exploitation management.
  3. innovation management and trainings.

We will help our network to build strong partnerships and create winning innovation projects, innovative concepts and propositions. We will focus on our well-known areas of expertise.

  • Battery materials and technologies.
  • Recycling of valuable materials.
  • Sustainable mobility and automotive technology.
  • Energy and the Environment.

Where we are, you will see innovation, impact and valuable partnerships go hand in hand. Curious for what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us directly. or follow us on LinkedIn

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