A Hat-Trick in Horizon Europe!

TechConcepts has scored a Hat-trick! A great start to the new year.

Three Horizon Europe projects were granted to TechConcepts last week. The proposals were submitted in October 2021. The first project will focus on sustainable processing, refining and recycling of raw materials. The second will develop high-performance Generation 4a, 4b (solid-state) Li-ion batteries. Finally, the last one will develop new manufacturing technology development for solid-state batteries.

TechConcepts will carry out innovation management for the three projects – ensuring that the results and innovations produced within the three projects are disseminated broadly. Our focus will be on technology roadmapping, strategy building and market analysis.

We would like to thank our consortium partners, especially Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering (ABEE) (who is coordinating the projects) for their effort and support.

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