We are part of Horizon Europe project RELiEF

Recycling of battery materials will be key for a successful battery industry in Europe. And TechConcepts will help making that possible.

Scientist and industry in Europe are focusing on battery technology development, creating a world-leading role for European industry in battery technology. At the same time availability of battery materials becomes more challenging and expensive. That’s why we are very proud to contribute to Horizon Europe project RELiEF.

The project will start around June of this year. Project RELiEF will develop a recycling facility for Lithium from secondary raw material sources. The facility will recycle Lithium waste streams into high value battery-grade material. The process that project RELiEF will develop can be a key technology to reduce Lithium waste streams by more than 70%, turning it into valuable Lithium material that can be used for battery production!

Already a shortage of Lithium sources can be observed, leading to rapid price increase. Project RELiEF will help to create a new Lithium source stream from waste streams containing Lithium. This new Lithium stream will contribute to decreasing the dependency on imported battery chemicals and raw materials, and will greatly strengthen the EU’s competitiveness in the battery storage value chain. And we are not the only ones saying this. In yesterdays CIC energiGUNE’s BLOG ( https://lnkd.in/dz6y2TwT ) you can read why the race to lead the energy storage sector begins beyond the battery technology itself: for many reasons it begins with access to raw materials.

TechConcepts will be leading part of the exploitation and dissemination activities. And we will be co-developing the business model ensuring the route to successful implementation of the developed recycling technology. We look forward to collaborating with the partners, among whom Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering (ABEE) and INEGI driving science & innovation

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