PRESS RELEASE: project PULSELiON kicks off

Next generation battery manufacturing: PULSELiON – PUlsed Laser depoSition tEchnology for soLid State battery manufacturIng supported by digitalizatiON A consortium of 15 interdisciplinary European partners will develop manufacturing technology for […]

We are part of Horizon Europe project ADVAGEN

Time to elaborate on one more project won by us ?: project ADVAGEN was granted to our consortium! The project will focus on next generation solid-state batteries for electromobility applications. […]

We are part of Horizon Europe project RELiEF

Recycling of battery materials will be key for a successful battery industry in Europe. And TechConcepts will help making that possible. Scientist and industry in Europe are focusing on battery […]

A Hat-Trick in Horizon Europe!

TechConcepts has scored a Hat-trick! A great start to the new year. Three Horizon Europe projects were granted to TechConcepts last week. The proposals were submitted in October 2021. The […]

YES! TechConcepts is founded

It is 3 September 2021, and TechConcepts B.V. is a fact. Anish and Willar are delighted to announce to join forces in TechConcepts. And we are ready to take up […]